Would you like a smile that is whiter, brighter, even dazzling? Did you ever wish you had a healthier, impressive smile? Modern dentistry offers numerous treatments-from crowns to veneers to bleaching-that can whiten, brighten and improve your smile.

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Below are a few examples of Dr. Warner and Dr. Farmer's dentistry and the beautiful results.


Orthodontics were considered for this patient, but it would have involved extracting permanent teeth to compensate for the space descrepency between the upper and lower teeth. Direct composites were chosen over veneers due to the patient’s young age of 19 years old. The spaces were closed in one appointment to the patient’s satisfaction.

This patient decided to fill the spaces with direct composites instead of orthodontics. The spaces were closed in one appointment with a very nice result.

Orthodontics were not an option for this patient due to a fracture to the root of one of the central incisors. The possibility of losing that tooth was very high if braces were done. The patient first bleached their teeth followed by placing porcelain veneers on the top front six teeth.

Spaces were beginning to develop between this patients front six teeth as well as staining and decay at the gumline. Six veneers were placed to close the spaces. A very natural look was obtained.

This patient did not like how short and discolored her teeth were. Veneers were placed on the front six teeth for a dramatic change.

This patient’s upper right central incisor had to be extracted due to fracture of the root. We placed an implant and crown after the tooth was removed. A veneer was placed on the upper left central incisor. The patient was very happy with the results.

This patient required an implant, porcelain veneers and gum surgery to create a great smile.

This patient fractured his front two teeth as a child which required root canals. Crowns were placed on the front two teeth and composites were placed on the adjacent teeth to create very nice smile.